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Why you should invest in a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Look at your driver’s license photo… now look at your Realtor head shot.

If you’re a real estate professional, it is more than likely that you are using a professionally taken portrait of yourself in your marketing materials.

The thing that drives professionals inside and outside the real estate industry to use professional photographs is that exactly that. It’s professional.

When you invest in a professional real estate photographer, you are investing not only in higher quality images, but also showing to potential clients the level of service you can and will provide to them.

Why you should invest in a professional real estate photographers

First impressions are everything!

According to a survey on buyers and sellers by the National Association of Realtors, 92% of home buyers used the internet during their home search process.

As anyone in the industry knows, photos are the first thing that buyers will see when shopping for a home. Having not enough photos or using low quality photos can deter buyers from looking further into a property.

You’re already starting off on the wrong foot when you’re listing photos are of a low quality and the results speak for themselves.

Realtors using professional quality photos for their marketing efforts have shown to get higher initial offers, faster sales and more leads.

Why you should invest in a professional real estate photography

It’s not an overstatement to say that the quality of your listing photos determine whether or not your listing will sell.

It’s not to say that this applies to all properties. Generally Homes under the $200,000 range don’t 100% need professionally taken photos; although they do help. Using a good quality phone camera is sometimes enough. But homes valued over that it becomes immensely beneficial for your current and future marketing efforts.

Building your business with a professional real estate photographer

Why you should invest in a professional real estate photographer

When you invest in a professional real estate photography service, you are essentially investing in building your business’s image.

Making professional photography a standard in your marketing efforts shows sellers that you take more care in representing them and their home. It shows that you care about finding and representing the full value of their home.

Doing so is one of the biggest reasons why a client will want to work with you over another agent.

Because professional photographers take the time and effort to process and format their photos, they are ready for use in all your marketing efforts.

The most common mistake that real estate professionals make is only using the photos for their listings. Your property photographer has put in the time to create high quality photos so applying them to your marketing presentations and materials for future meetings is like killing two birds with one stone.

Most of the time professional real estate photographers are capable of designing flyers and other marketing materials for you. And most of the time they will do so as a complimentary service.

To take full advantage of professional imaging services is as simple as asking.

Professional real estate photographers can be a boon to your business. Improving the quality of service you provide as well as the image of your brand. So be sure to show and tell your clients the benefits of choosing you over another.

The real cost of hiring a professional real estate photographer

professional real estate photograph indoor

Hiring a professional real estate photographer costs anywhere from $150 to $800, depending on the size and needs specific to each listing.

If that sounds like a lot, think about this. You’re an agent looking to land as many listings and meetings as possible and close them. Taking into account the time it takes to go to a home and take photos it generally takes 1-3 hours on average. Then you have to upload them to your computer and make sure you didn’t miss anything when taking them. If you have you have to go back and retake photos. But wait now you want to make sure that they aren’t blurry or grainy. If they are good, now you have to process your photos and make sure that they are MLS compliant. Then you have to decide whether to discard any. If you do then you have to call your seller schedule a time to re-shoot and make them leave their property again, adding stress and wasting more time.

And even after the quality of your photos might not be good enough to use in marketing materials like flyers or brochures.

When you take into account the amount of time it takes to do all of this yourself it comes out to several hours that could have been spent on other priorities.

Hiring a photographer is as easy as giving them a call or sending an email. The turn-around time is usually 24 hours and they consistently provide high quality photos ready for use, saving you time and stress.

Time is something you cannot afford to lose or waste. Hiring a professional photographer is in essence buying you time better spent on the efforts to grow your business.

We stated before some of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer but here are some more:

  1. They can design marketing materials like flyers, brochures and business cards unique for you business.
  2. Do you have an outdated portrait? Your professional photographer is more likely than not able to take a new one of equal or higher quality.
  3. Photographers are local and can refer you to their network for other services like; videographers, graphic designers, website developers, drone/aerial photographers and more that specialize in working with real estate professionals.
  4. Often to appreciate the business that you bring to them, photographers will offer discounted rates or preferential treatment to those who work with them a lot.

What are the things you should be looking for in a professional real estate photographer?

Whenever you are looking for a professional photographic service provider, you need to look at their past work. See if you like the work that they have done and look for consistency in quality. (No blurriness, good angles and framing, over/under edited photos.)

Always ask questions!

Look at or ask about other services that you need. They are often able to provide or refer you to another professional familiar to real estate.

A real estate photographer is familiar with the peculiarities in the real estate industry. They understand that your schedule is important and that it can change. Just asking them whether they are familiar with the real estate industry can save you the time and money you might waste booking and inexperienced photographer.

Final Notes on Professional Real Estate Photography

When hiring a professional real photographer you are investing in more than just photos for your listing. You are investing in a partner that grows your business image and improves the quality of service you can give to your clients. The benefits they bring to you outweigh the cost.

Your photographer can help you in more ways than you think, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have. Treat them like people and not a tool. Because they are professionals listen to their suggestions and don’t be afraid to give them yours.

Be sure to look through a photographers work to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

Before your photographer comes, be sure to walk through the home and make sure it is dressed and ready for them to work. Take a look at our pre-shoot checklist.(link)

Let them know where the main features of the home or property are. They can then highlight those features and make them come alive.

Remember buyers and sellers don’t think about WHY they love a photo, they just know that they love it.


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